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2010 ANCS Spring  Show Results!!

Scott Morris©


In August and September the ANCS held our Spring Table Shows for members to enter and display their much-loved cockatiels.  This is the second show for 2010 following on from the Autumn shows in April and May.  Holding the show over 2 weekends allowed for members to bench more birds than if we crammed all classes into one day.  This involved splitting the mutations into two groups and also combining each show with our monthly general meeting.

It is an opportunity for members to come along to a meeting on a Saturday afternoon, something often more convenient than a weeknight, and also a chance to show off those wonderful cockatiels sitting at home in our aviaries.

 As with our Autumn Show, the classes were kept simple with Normal face, Pastel face and White face classes in each one of the following:



Pied/Pearl Pied (combined class)


Solid Body


Additionally, we have the Pet and Cage Bird Classes.  In August we had the Normal and Pastel Face class and in September the White Face.  This allowed members the chance to bring along their pet or aviary bird in a small cage and participate without the added expense of the traditional show cage.

 As with last year, the judge was David Heyden, our current Vice President and Leg Ring Steward, who again did a great job.   

 Saturday the 28th of August was our Normal face and Pastel face mutations giving us ten classes for members to enter birds. A total of 15 Cockatiels were benched; entries in all of the Normal face classes and in two of the Pastel face classes. 

Winners were:


Normal face Normal Grey

Jo-Anne Watts

Normal face Pied/Pearl Pied (Class combined)

Yvonne Schuetze

 Normal face Pearl

Jo-Anne Watts

Normal face Solid Body

Jo-Anne Watts


Normal face Bird of Show

Jo-Anne Watts


Pastel face Normal

Scott Morris

Pastel face Solid Body

Jo-Anne Watts


Pastel face Bird of Show

Scott Morris


It was a wonderful day with everyone thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to present their cockatiels before their peers and have them judged accordingly.  It was great to see Yvonne collect her first Class winner having entered birds in the Pet and Cage Bird section in our Autumn Show and now progressing to the traditional show sections and benching a very nice Pearl Pied.  David Heyden commented on the quality of bird presented and how selection of the winners is getting harder with each show as our birds are improving.  It demonstrates that the more shows you have, the more accustomed to showing your birds become and the better our ability to spot a potential winner and bring him or her along.


In the Pet and Cage Bird Section, both the Judges Choice and Member Vote Choice awards were taken away by Bradley Watts, Geoff and Jo-Anne’s young son.  It is good to see the younger generation showing interest in aviculture and I hope this continues into the future.


Our second show was on Saturday the 18th of September and featured White face mutations.  Again a total of 15 birds were benched covering all of the five classes being judged.

Winners were:


White face Normal

Yvonne Schuetze

White face Pied/Pearl Pied (Combined Class)

Jo-Anne Watts

White face Pearl

Jo-Anne Watts

White face Solid Body

Jo-Anne Watts

White face Bird of Show

Jo-Anne Watts


Again, a great showing of the White face varieties of the Cockatiel and another very high standard of bird being presented for judging.  David again commented that the size of birds was very encouraging and whilst all winners expressed great individual characteristics, i.e. rounded head, rounded eyes, long curved thick crest, good breadth of chest and back, it was Jo-Anne’s Platinum which put all these together to produce a bird which was the best expression of the ANCS Show Standard.  Congratulations to Jo-Anne and Yvonne.


Winners of our Pet and Cage Sections were:

Judges Choice Winner

Janine Moller

Attendees Vote Winner

Yvonne Schuetze


Congratulations to both, especially Janine who has participated all year and it is great to see her walk away with a winner.


Lastly, our Judge, David, was presented with a plaque as thanks for the fine job he did of choosing our winners.  It is never an easy task to stand up and judge the birds of your peers but he again completed it with much effort and impartiality.


Overall we had a great 2 days for showing our Cockatiels and it was wonderful to see so many members attend.  Let’s hope we see you all again when we hold our Shows next year and do not forget to come along to the AGM where some other presentations will be made. Thanks again and congratulations to all that entered, all that won and those that came along to view the superb birds on show.


My last thanks goes to Grinners Trophies at Bowen Hills who supplied the great trophies presented to our winners and judge.  Please support this business if the opportunity arises just as they support us.




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