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The Australian National Cockatiel Society Inc is the original all cockatiel, non - profit based club which endeavours to support and encourage anyone interested in aviculture, in particular the keeping and or breeding of the Cockatiel.


The club originated in 1990 in Brisbane, Queensland's capital city, when a handful of people responded to an advertisement seeking others who had an interest in these Australian birds. The ANCS is the first club to focus solely on cockatiels, promoting various aspects of their care and breeding. Through the knowledge and experience of the ever growing membership, and an informative bi-monthly journal, the club is able to offer an extensive information base and support system to members throughout Australia and overseas. (Currently New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, etc.) Members also have the opportunity to attend the monthly gatherings in Brisbane to share their experiences, as well as to learn from knowledgeable guest speakers.


The cockatiel is a native of Australia and was thought to have been discovered around 1788. Whilst initially the bird was available only in its native form, the variety of feather patterns and colour combinations available today  make this a very worthy avicultural subject. Arguably the most kept pet bird in the world today, it is also perhaps the ideal choice for the novice breeder. They are usually only too eager to breed given good care and attention, as well as a healthy and suitable environment. There is no greater achievement than to see your first chicks hatch, and then develop into fine young cockatiels. This can be achieved without too  much agonising over, as can sometimes be the case with more expensive and harder to breed bird varieties.


At the other end of the spectrum, the very experienced cockatiel breeder can get involved with the new mutations, their subsequent development, and continued improvement toward the "breed standard". The opportunity to breed cockatiels and then have the birds judged in their own "class" at scheduled Bird Shows is a further aspect that continues to grow and develop, and is available to all current members of


The Australian National Cockatiel Society.



No Meetings Scheduled!!



We advise that as a non-profit organisation we have somewhat limited resources. As such we are able to reply in a limited capacity to individual emails sent to the club enquiring about the various aspects of cockatiel husbandry. Our web-site contains a vast array of informative articles and answers to questions that we hope are of interest and assistance to you. All correspondence should be forwarded to the postal address or the email address below



Australian National Cockatiel Society
P.O. Box 1248
Fortitude Valley, Qld  4006

Australian National Cockatiel Society Inc
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